this sounds so awesome. it's so abstract, the developers can barely describe it.

Red Matrix - "The Network"

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I'm just starting to realize the really cool potential of Friendica. If you join this server (, aka QUEERLY BETTER) then there's this tab called "Community" that will show you public posts made by people who are on THIS server. I think that's really touching, don't you? But then, I'm a sentimental old coot.

Also, I finally got Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr integration working. There are all sorts of other things to try out, like events so forth, but it'd be really cool to trade notes with someone else who wants to experiment with this with me.

Friendica definitely has some rough edges (read: it's designed for German computer nerds and American libertarians) but it's really starting to grow on me and has more features than #diaspora*

And that's to say nothing of the spinoff networking software-of-the-future, #redmatrix.

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Here I am going to test nested comments.
This comment is TWO DEEP.
Here's another 2-deep comment.
Back at One Deep.

Hello from!

Hello from!
This is my first post from my own Friendica server at I just set up Facebook integration (Twitter will be next). You're all free to give it a whirl. The new layout is kind of bewildering, but there's a decent walkthrough of features at

Have fun and don't forget to add me to your contacts!
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