📷 Parkside Park, Paradise Hills, San Diego, CA. Thanksgiving, 2016.

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What are you doing Thursday, March 23? Women's history and rock music! What's not to like?

@John Michael Swartz This is a test of the Time-based Salon messaging system.

I never thought I'd take a bad Arthur Russell cover so personally. #thisishownottowalkonthemoon

Can anybody tell me about Bruce Davidson's use of flash on the subway? Do you get one shot, or was it always so fes…

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📷 New interest in this frame after watching Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man (2005). “I believe the common...

Tumblr: granary (h.c.e. / the granary)

Sooner die a dance than another.
Sooner dance a million deaths than one.

📷 Riis Beach, summer 2014. Archival pigment print, 22″x16″. Boasting a lively palette of primary colors...

Tumblr: granary (h.c.e. / the granary)

📷 Jacob Riis Beach, Queens, NY. Summer 2014.

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The electric guitar is popular because it is good at amplifying small movements. It is superseded only by the Bomb and computers.
Brooklyn, NY

📷 Beltane at Le Petit Versailles community garden, New York City.

This ramen joint is playing bossa nova with aggressive scat harmonies in parallel motion. Is "power-schmaltz" a thing? #power-schmaltz

for that rainy day when i'm deluged with compliments...

Still awestruck at the mastery of @kraftwerk 's Autobahn.

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