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Hi friendica community!

This is a proposal for the #friendica and #federatedweb community to evolve this friendica server into a community driven forum server.

What are your thoughts on this?

rewrite of a proposal expressed in reduced conversation 5 month ago wrote:
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Community driven friendica instance to end up with:
  • showcase server-hosting
  • standard community forums
  • mirror for important community forums
  • Testing environment for coders, driven and maintained by the community.

    All data belong to the respective profiles/communities.
    (as is right now by default in the friendica universe)

    Commercial advertisement as a means of anything is discarded by default.
    (as it is in the friendica universe right now)
    This does not mean that for example press bots, GNUlinux promotion, integration and/or investigation of other open source tools should be blocked, but that the up to the date "established" friendica FLOSS culture is the basic common origin of the kind of cooperative social and privacy aware agreement to promote.

    Terms of use:
    The actual composition should stay in place:
    In other words, as no special terms are set, local legal terms (Iceland) do apply.

    The "official" administration is "showcased" by the implementation of the use of multisig wallets.

    The published public master key #MPK represents, members chosen by the community coders/forumadmins/community should help to administrate eventual funds and fullfill mediator positions, that aren't mend to be anything but a plan B in case of disagreement or to rescue funds that else would become frozen or get lost. (unexpected absence of one of the other keys)
    The aspect of language related issues dedicated to an internet community should implicate that support/discussion in English always has to be available, like right now.


  • The actual site administration profile @TupambaeNet has to pass the site admin configuration to a profile administered by the community (coderadmin).
  • Exclusive access to ftp and SQL has to be passed over to a coderadmin, the actual administration proposes @Tobias in the first place, to establish "sovereignty" on the data and the installation.
    (not an exclusive proposal)
  • Direct communication to the support staff of the hosting for the coder admin has to be established.
    (update → in work, email integration doesn't work properly)
  • The creation of multisig wallet should be discussed.
  • A friendica profile with the first bitcoin address of the wallet shold be created.

    The actual webhosting contract gives the community a year to evaluate the best hosting setup for the proposal. The recommendation of the actual administration is to maintain location and provider for several reasons like:
  • midsized provider driven by GNUlinux community principals with a responsive personal attention
  • favorable legal environment
  • renewable energy as electricity source
  • neutral aspect to any national predilections or interests
  • expensive law suits due to uncommon legal language :-O

    The hosting should most probably be moved to an own web hosting instance or ideal to VPS with maybe testing instances of other networks like #hubzilla, #diaspora*, #GNUsocial so coders can have some kind of test environment.

    Domain registry remains as is.
    Exclusive use of domain and all sub domains for the community meanwhile agreement is in place.
    As the domain name ownership remains as it is, the cost for it's maintenance remain at the expenses of the owner. The "privacy aware protected" owner has no interest in even become notice of "internal affairs" of the project as it is proposed here, or content related issues of the site. In any case the owner expects a "fair codex" behavior as proposed and expressed. doesn't pretend to retain any kind of "vote" over (or alongside) to the community decisions, but offers to impersonate one of the master public keys to ensure a correct use of the funds and "established" concepts. As the site itself already reflects a kind of own "established" identity, reflected by the existing profiles in the public directory and the existing content, it probably might expect to be heard as an opinion if it looks like the concept is at risk or at the risk to be disrespected.

    Master public key @TupambaeNet


    #MPK #friendica #forumserver #communityserver

    A decent comparison between Friendica and Diaspora* for alternative, free (as in beer and freedom), social networking platforms. I think the only reason Facebook seems "easier" to use than either alternative is mostly a matter of practice. I remember taking a break from FB for over a year, and being totally bewildered by the interface when I returned.

    (FWIW I'm posting this from Friendica...)

    I also think that designing a UI for these things is a totally different game because it doesn't have to accomodate zillions of targeted ads... ;-)
    Some observations - this is NOT supposed to be a Diaspora against Friendica post... just some thoughts about both. Diaspora: -Clean, standard interface. -Not immediately noticeable is the ability to use MArkdown to add links, images etc to your profile page.

    #diaspora* #friendica
    I'm just starting to realize the really cool potential of Friendica. If you join this server (, aka QUEERLY BETTER) then there's this tab called "Community" that will show you public posts made by people who are on THIS server. I think that's really touching, don't you? But then, I'm a sentimental old coot.

    Also, I finally got Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr integration working. There are all sorts of other things to try out, like events so forth, but it'd be really cool to trade notes with someone else who wants to experiment with this with me.

    Friendica definitely has some rough edges (read: it's designed for German computer nerds and American libertarians) but it's really starting to grow on me and has more features than #diaspora*

    And that's to say nothing of the spinoff networking software-of-the-future, #redmatrix.

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