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experience with simple hosting?

@Friendica Support

Hi their!
Does anyone has an idea if there are experience with #friendica or #redmatrix instances with simple server hosting?
#redmatrix #help

I'm cosnidering to setup a redmatrix instances. I asked the webhosting on the requierements stated in the install.txt on github. The provider stated that:
  • PHP command line access with register_argc_argv set to true in the php.ini file - and with no hosting provider restrictions on the use of exec() and proc_open().
We do not allow exec and proc_open.

Is it possible to run redmatrix anyway? Are there workarounds? What doesn't work without exec and proc_open?

@Friendica Red Development
I'm just starting to realize the really cool potential of Friendica. If you join this server (, aka QUEERLY BETTER) then there's this tab called "Community" that will show you public posts made by people who are on THIS server. I think that's really touching, don't you? But then, I'm a sentimental old coot.

Also, I finally got Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr integration working. There are all sorts of other things to try out, like events so forth, but it'd be really cool to trade notes with someone else who wants to experiment with this with me.

Friendica definitely has some rough edges (read: it's designed for German computer nerds and American libertarians) but it's really starting to grow on me and has more features than #diaspora*

And that's to say nothing of the spinoff networking software-of-the-future, #redmatrix.

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